2005 -Bruce Bodine leads a 25 person crew of staff and contractors to Hurricane Katrina.  Soon after he is impressed to start a non-profit that will focus on helping single moms, widows and elderly.  Alan Payne is instrumental in the Need A Break Services launch.

2007 - Julie Washburn is hired as Executive Director.  Under her management, the volunteer base, the number of recipients and our reach increases dramatically.  

2008 - The Rescue Mission asks Need A Break Services to consider a merger.  Both boards agree.

2014 - Bruce Bodine asks The Rescue Mission if they would consider allowing Bruce Bodine to re-launch Need A Break Services under the oversight of the Bodine Enterprises staff. The Rescue Mission agrees to "pass the torch" back to Bodine. 

2020 - Need A Break Services shifts to a transitional planning period, suspending the ongoing gift program and re-evaluating how to best serve the community.

Who We Serve

We help people who are in need. Our primary focus is on single mothers and the elderly. Need A Break Services cares about people in need.

Core Belief

Each of us has time and talent.  When we share this with others in need, it makes everyone smile.  There are those that need our help.  They deserve it and often don't know where to turn to. 


We believe that everyone deserves hope, and that everyone has something to offer their neighbor in need.


Need A Break Services is a nonprofit faith-based foundation that is devoted to helping people succeed through meeting needs in our community and motivating others to serve their neighbor.

our History