Sometimes people such as the disabled or elderly have a difficult time with routine yard work. This is where we come in and help.

We have done everything from blackberry & ivy removal to building a wheelchair ramp so that a lady could be released from the hospital. 

Yard Projects

Helping those unable to do these tasks themselves.

For many years we would gather a number of volunteers and tackle larger projects.  We have completed many extreme makeovers.  Here is one!

Good Neighbor Day

Being a good neighbor in our community.

As part of the Serve the City volunteer event, we had group of volunteers repaint the DSHS visiting rooms.

These rooms are used for children who have been removed from their homes to visit with their biological parents. Glad we could help!

Two pitbulls attacked Sue while she was in her home.  The dogs came through the back door.  Sue's dog was killed in the attack and Sue herself was brutally attacked.  Her home was rendered uninhabitable due to the amount of blood throughout the home.  We came in to help.

 Over 200 volunteers stepped up to help us transform her home!  New carpet, paint, cabinets, appliances, flooring, light fixtures, roof, fence, driveway, garage door, landscaping, etc.!  Sue liked birds so someone built 20 birdhouses!  And when we were all done, we fully furnished her home with new furniture too!  It's amazing what many caring people can do!

Sue Gorman Project

Watch the amazing video.

Serve the city

Painting DSHS rooms

Whether it is down the street or across the world, our team never stops giving!  We worked on a bible college.  Trivia:  Our Facilities Manager Glenn Floyd has been here 16 times for about 2 weeks each trip.  That's some type of volunteer!

Cape tOWN

South Africa

There are a group of islands in the middle of Lake Victoria - Uganda. The villages rarely see any medical personnel.  We traveled with a medical missions trip and treated about 1,200 people!


Lake Victoria

Emergency Food Network is the main source of food for most of the South Sound food banks.  We have packed several items, including peas, oranges & rice on our repack projects.

We love to partner with Rebuilding Together South Sound in order to provide meaningful home repair projects, usually accomplished in one quick (but busy) day.

Rebuilding together 

South Sound

Emergency fOOD nETWORK

Repack Project

We traveled with a team from ALL HANDS VOLUNTEERS and were onsite near the center of the damage.  Most of our work was repairing schools that had significant damage.  The people were so thankful.  The kids were so happy to see us!

Tornadoes do incredible damage.  We are there to help.  The little lady in the yellow coat was so thankful for our help!  We teamed up with Samaritan's Purse and their disaster response team.

tornado relief

Teamed up with Samaritians Purse


With All Hands Volunteers

We traveled to Central America and built a home for a young family!  The organizer for these house builds is Oasis Ministry. All of the materials were paid for by our group.  The tears were flowing when we handed the mom and dad the keys!



Part of Oasis Ministry

The Rescue Mission

Lighthouse Project

In 2015 and 2016, we teamed up with YWAM's Homes of Hope Program to build a total of 4 homes for families in need.


Teamed up with YWAM's Homes of Hope 

We use one weekend a summer to completely repaint the home of a neighbor in need, in partnership with Paint Tacoma-Pierce Beautiful.

House painting

Teamed up with Paint Tacoma-Pierce Beautiful 

The Rescue Mission is one of our favorite charities that we support!  Here we are cleaning, repairing and painting the lighthouse at the Downtown Campus.